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Aborym: For Fans of Shining


Aborym - Dirty

Remember those stickers that Victory Records and other labels (but especially Victory) put on CD packaging in the early ’00s that said “FOR FANS OF BAND X, Y AND Z?” I checked out random CDs because of those stickers on more than one occasion, but that was before streaming music was readily available for preview on MySpace (and other sites that would follow) and before the widespread proliferation of metal blogs to clue me into new music (and, needless to say, before MetalSucks had publicists emailing us new music daily because the site didn’t exist yet). Do labels still tack those stickers onto CD cellophane to boastfully advertise the music therein with blatant disregard to the reputations of the namedropped bands? It’s been so long since I’ve bought a CD that I have no idea.

In any case, if I were to put such a sticker on Aborym’s new album Dirty it would say “For Fans of SHINING” with the band name in huge block letters. The Norwegian industrio-metal-jazz version, not the Swedish, depressing death metal one [who are awesome too]. The ambiguation between Shinings could cause some confusion, but I digress; I’ve got more space to work with here than I would on such a sticker.

Stream a new Aborym jawn called “Irreversible Crisis” below right now. It’s quite a bit more overtly black metal-ish than Shining (and to some degree more death metal-ish too), but the skronky industrial metal core is definitely similar, especially in the electronics and vocals during the break around 2:00. Dirty is the band’s sixth studio album and will be released by Agonia Records on the 28th of May in Europe and the 11th of June in North America.

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