Axl Rose: Still Rich and Famous Enough to Get Women in Bulk


These photos were taken of Axl Rose leaving London’s Tonteria — which Time Out describes as “a serious – and expensive – tequila bar” — last night. And while I can’t say for sure what’s going on here, I have narrowed it down to three possibilities:

  1. Axl Rose is practicing packing into a clown car so he can run away and join the circus.
  2. Axl Rose is about to get kicked in the nuts while some other woman laughs.
  3. Axl Rose is going back to his hotel with at least two and very possibly four beautiful women who may or may not have been born yet when the Use Your Illusion albums were released.

Axl-Rose-pissed-off-5-760x1140 Axl-Rose-pissed-off-6-760x1140

I’m just saying, we can give this guy shit all the live-long day, but how many BGGGG group sex situations have you ever found yourself in? Yeah that’s what I thought.

[via WWTDD]

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