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Actual Album Art + New Song Snippet from Megadeth’s Super Collider


So as it turns out, that lame art that we thought might be the cover for Megadeth’s new album, Super Collider, is not the cover for Megadeth’s new album, Super Collider. This is the cover for for Megadeth’s new album, Super Collider:

Megadeth - Super Collider

It’s certainly much less boring than the other cover. The colors are very pretty, doncha think?

The band has also released a snippet of a new song called “Don’t Turn Your Back.” It sounds okay enough, I guess, but not extraordinary enough to get me to change my current position on Megadeth, which is that Dave Mustaine’s idiocy has made it impossible to take them seriously. But for those of you don’t have that issue, enjoy this:

Super Collider comes out June 4 on Dave Mustaine’s new label, Traitorcrap.

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