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Memfis Have a New EP Out, and It’s Streaming Right Now!



In looking back at old posts about Memfis for linkage in this here article, I realized that this isn’t the first time these Swedes have released an album with zero run-up or advance PR hype: they did the exact same thing with Vertigo in November of 2011! Just “Hey, our album’s out now. Here ya go.” Gotta appreciate the lack of hype and bullshit.

Here’s how I described Memfis then, and I’m sticking to it now:

… a Swedish prog-metal band who, in hindsight, remind me a whole lot of Burst. They’ve got an Opethian flare for composition and arrangement blended seamlessly with big, burly American-sized Mastodonian riffs.

And so: here’s the new Memfis EP Silva. It’s available at the band’s official website for any price you feel like paying, or for free via this band-endorsed Pirate Bay link (in .ogg format, though). And on the usual platforms like iTunes and Spotify. It is glorious and it is good:

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