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If the First Single is Any Indication, the New Attila Album is DEFINITELY Gonna Blow the F*ck Up


Last week, Attila’s singer, Chris “Frog” Frogurt, made a declaration so bold that some bitches took it as bitch-ass bitchery:

Well let me tell you, having now seen the cover art for Attila’s new album, About that Life, as well has having heard the first single, “Middle Fingers Up,” that Mr. Frogurt ain’t done yet!

Although it’s not unusual to see thrones on the covers of metal albums, usually they make it look all grim n’ shit, like being the king would be like a bad thing or something.

immolationDimmu Borgir - Godless Savage GardenAnachronaeon - The Futile Quest for ImmortalityMetallica - Ride the Lightning

So right away, just lookin’ at the cover of About That Life, you know that Attila are bringin’ a little bit of much needed positivity to the metal world!

Attila - About That Life

They’re all about the Benjamins and bling and comfortable leather chairs, yo!

The lyrics to their new single further reinforces these good feelings, with inspiration lyrics like:

  • “Give no fucks!”
  • “Until the haters suck my fuckin’ cock!”
  • “You can do anything you want in life, just don’t be a fuckin’ bitch!”

Yeah, dawg! Being a bitch is for bitches, bitch!!!

Attila’s About That Life blows the fuck up on June 25!!!

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