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Look, it Only Took Black Sabbath Forty-Three Years to Reach the End of their Beginning


They say that smoking too much weed will turn you into a puttering, babbling, barely-comprehensible idiot.

This being the case, I can think of no better way to celebrate 4/20 than with the debut of a new Black Sabbath song, “End of the Beginning”:

The live debut of this track follows last week’s official release of a new single, “God is Dead?” (It’s a question, not a statement, for maximum profundity.) And having now heard two songs from the new Black Sabbath album, 13, I am going to allow myself to make a very premature prediction: it’s going to be full of too-long songs that have some Tony Iommi riffs that are basically variations of other Tony Iommi riffs but are kinda fun anyway… but also in desperate need of some Dio-caliber vocals. I guess that makes 13 kinda like Black Sabbath’s Death MagneticThat seems about right, all things considered.

13 comes out June 11. The studio version of “End of the Beginning” will make its official debut on an episode of CSI airing May 15 on CBS.

[via Metal Insider]

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