Tour de Force

Volbeat, HIM, All That Remains, and Airbourne Form a Rock Allegiance


Rock Allegiance Tour 2013

What does the 2013 ROck Allegiance Tour starring Volbeat, HIM, All That Remains, and Airbourne, have in common with The Church of Scientology, a KKK rally, and a gynecologist’s office?

I will be not going to any of them any time soon.

The best band on this bill is HIM, and even they’ve now gone a solid ten years without releasing an album that really knocked my socks off. Airbourne can be a forgettable distraction. I think my feelings on ATR and Volbeat are pretty well-documented at this point. Actually, ATR kinda stick out on this bill, because they’re the only band that I would say are out and out talentless. I may not like Volbeat’s brand of metalbilly, but at least they can actually perform their music in a live setting without making you wish they’d just go ahead and pull a Milli Vanilli.

Dates haven’t been announced yet, but the tour is scheduled to kick off in the “late summer.” In case the approach of Autumn wasn’t already enough a bummer.


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