Frankie Palmeri is Angry at Married People


Frankie Palmeri

Emmure’s Frankie Palmeri went on a Twitter rant yesterday, and, as usual, the results are full of A+++ WDBWA lulz. Here’s everything all at once, collected by The PRP:

I’m sick and tired of watching dudes,step on stage scream about shit they don’t feel. You’re on tour CHEATING on your BABY MOMMA. Y u mad? Niggas have riches and parents who are doctors and shit. You are NOT real. Your words mean NOTHING. Shit is not a joke. You married? What you screaming for? Go love the bitch you convinced to suck your dick for the rest of her life. Poser.

This makes absolutely no sense. By this logic bands should just stop performing all of their old songs. Did you once write a great song about something you have now moved past? Too bad, don’t play it anymore! Also last I checked married people and the sons and daughters of doctors have plenty of problems just like everyone else. And I’m no psychologist, but the above paragraph makes Palmeri seem like a very lonely man who wishes he had some bish to cuddle with every night.

If you have somehow convinced someone to sit around and wait for your dick then you have no human reason to be angry. You’re a time vampire. So many are playing the game but act like their genuine. You’re a bishop crossing the board. I’m a straight forward rook. Diagonal ass nigga

Oh shit DEEP analogy!!! Chess, man, a thinker’s game! Only problem is that analogy makes no fucking sense since both pieces are limited in their movement. Palmeri should’ve proclaimed himself a queen if he wanted to assert real dominance, but that would probably be “gay” or something. Also can someone at Emmure’s management company please sit down with Frankie and have a heart-to-heart about the differences between “their,” “they’re” and “there?” Connecticut public education fail. Kthxbai.

Yup I respect your hustle. But I do not respect your art. You pray on the pennies of children who are obsessed with image.

Because Emmure is all substance and no image. Yup, totally.

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