What the...??

Frankie Palmeri Can’t Stop Farting


Uh… what the fuck???

An anonymous reader just sent us this video interview that The Heat AZ conducted with Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri during the band’s recent tour with Whitechapel. And while the interview starts out normal enough, it soon takes a turn for the bizarre: Palmeri just farts uncontrollably while giving his answers.

I don’t know if the guy thought he was ripping SBDs and didn’t realize the microphone was picking up all his gaseous activity, or if he decided he was gonna fuck with the interviewer and just let ’em rip or what. But it sounds like he ate about fifteen cans of beans right before going on camera. (Frankie, dude, you might wanna go see a doctor or something, that is not normal.)

It’s hilarious that at no point does either the interviewer nor Palmeri acknowledge what’s going on — and even more hilarious that the interviewer keeps a safe distance at all times.



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