Doug Pinnick Double-Shot: New dUg Solo and Pinnick Gales Pridgen Videos


King’s X played NYC the other night and their show was fantastic and full of energy as usual. Some guy behind me who air-drummed along to every fill and sung every word was screaming loudly between songs about how great the band is (“Fuck yeah!!! King’s X!!!! They’re here!!! Woooooo!!”), and while I initially wanted to smack the guy upside the head it’s hard to knock on such unbridled enthusiasm, especially for a band as deserving as King’s X… you earned my vote, guy!

Bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick is a busy dude. He just released a trio record with Eric Gales and Thomas Pridgen, a bluesy rock affair with infectious riffs and hooks aplenty. They’ve got a new video for “Collateral Damage,” and while the video itself is pretty cheesy (green screen, grainy post-effects) it’s got lots of footage of the dudes playing which is really all you should need/want from this particular cast of incredible musicians:

Meanwhile Doug (dUg) is getting set to release a solo record called Naked on May 7th via RockArmy Records. The music is as stripped down as all of his solo stuff has been, and the video is fun and personal. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen Doug play guitar before this. Is there a more fit 63 year old playing music today? Jeez, dude’s cut! Kudos. Check it out:

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