Dave Mustaine and Kenny G. Are In Love

  • Axl Rosenberg

Dave and Kenny Love Each Other Berry Much

Is it possible that Kenny G. is more metal than we ever imagined? Absolutely not, but his son can shred, and he apparently has a fan — of his personality if not his music — in metal’s great humanitarian, Dave Mustaine. Mustaine tells Fuse:

“How do I say this? Kenny is my friend. I’m not a fan of the music that you know that Kenny plays. Kenny is a monster and can shred on his instrument like Yngwie. He can circular breathe, where he can hold a note forever, and just keep playing it and playing it and playing it. And he’s very very talented. So we’re friends. I respect the guy you’re unaware of, because you haven’t heard that guy.”

At first it was actually way hard for me to imagine these two hanging out at TGIFriday’s because what do they have in common, really, besides wavy hair? But then I remembered something:

So, clearly, not only are these dudes really friends, but Kenny did some ghost writing for the new Megadeth album. This makes even more sense when considering the rumor all those years ago that Yanni is actually the guy who penned “Ecstasy.” Someone should probably call Alex Skolnick and see if they can set up a playdate with Dave so he can get back on track.

[via Metal Injection]

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