If You Could Recruit Any Member of Metallica to Join Your Band, Who Would it Be?


This year’s Golden Gods Awards was a raging party as always (certain awards notwithstanding), and as always Metal Injection was out on the black carpet before the show to interview all the bands. The mood was a bit dampened by Jeff Hanneman’s passing (click here to see a video of all the bands on the black carpet sharing memories of Jeff), but things were still festive in light of the pending small-club Metallica headline performance.

This year’s question-du-jour was as follows: “If you could recruit any member of Metallica to join your band, who would it be?” I love these kinds of open-ended questions because they force the interviewees to think on their feet instead of spitting back an answer they’ve recited hundreds of times. Most musicians, for obvious reasons, chose James Hetfield. Some of the more creative answers include The Dillinger Escape Plan (“Hologram Cliff Burton”) and Testament (“Big Mick” [Metallica’s FOH sound guy]). Watch the coverage above, including everyone’s best imitation of Rob Zombie’s patented “Yeeeeahhhhh!”

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