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Tim Lambesis’ Wife Questioned “His Ability to Care for Our Three Children”


In September, Meggan Lambesis, wife of As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis, filed for divorce from the vocalist; earlier this week, he allegedly tried to hire someone to have her killed. Given Lambesis’ stature as a Christian, and his reputation in the metal community for being a generally good dude, this news has shocked pretty much everyone. But Meggan’s divorce paper filings begin to shed some light on what may have been the conflict between the two.

According to U-T San Diego, Meggan claimed in the filing that recent changes in Tim’s behavior “concern me regarding his ability to care for our three children” — ages six, eight, and one, all Ethiopian adoptees — and “he has become obsessed with bodybuilding and spends a great deal of time lifting weights, hanging out in the gym, and being unavailable to the children.” She further alleged that Tim had fallen asleep while he was supposed to be watching the kids at the beach or the pool, that he’d ignore them to text and talk on his cell phone, that he spent thousands of dollars on tattoos and “high-end vehicles,” and that he was away on concert tours about six months a year, had twice visited his then-girlfriend in Florida, and was staying at his parents’ Del Mar Country Club home.”

The article continues:

“The couple sought joint custody and agreed to mediation to set visitation terms.

“Meggan Lambesis, who said she had quit teaching private school and was a stay-at-home mother, asked the court to order an expert to set the value of their community property and music-related businesses. She did not specify an amount she wanted for spousal support.

“She submitted a 2010 tax return showing the couple’s $233,000 in gross income.”

Obviously we still have no idea what actually happened (although it’s not that hard to imagine Lambesis was obsessed with bodybuilding — we’ve joked several times in the past about the mammoth size of his arms), but regardless of who’s telling the truth, a fight over children can quickly turn nasty. I told a divorced friend about this story yesterday, stating that I couldn’t imagine trying to hire a hitman to whack my ex, and he replied, only half-joking, “You’ve never been through a divorce.” When I told him the couple had kids, his mood darkened: “When you have children together, you can never really get divorced. You can be legally not married anymore, but you’re stuck together, and who knows what the other parent is telling the kids when you’re not around.” My pal may have hit the nail on the head.


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