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Defense Attorney Says Tim Lambesis is a Patsy

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Given that the prosecution claims to have audio of As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis responding to the question “Do you want your wife dead?” with the words “Yes, that’s exactly what I want” before giving an undercover cop who he thought was a hitman an envelope containing a thousand dollars cash, photographs of his estranged wife, her address, her security gate codes, and instructions on how to enter her home, a lot of us are wondering how the dude pled “not guilty” following his arrest last week. I mean, not to be insensitive, but if the prosecution really does have that evidence, this seems like kind of an open and shut case.

Now Lambesis’ defense attorney, Anthony Salerno, has shed some light on the subject. He tells Artisan News Service:

“I would anticipate myself asking for quite a bit of additional discovery, particularly on this person I strongly suspect is a snitch and is an informant for the police and was really creating this whole scenario and sort of setting Tim up. I believe there’s a good probability he may be a police informant. And that information is only available internally with the police department, or in this case the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, and through the D.A.’s office, and that’s something I’m gonna have to explore as well.”

I’m not a lawyer so ultimately I’m gonna have to take Salerno’s word for it, but… what difference does it make if there was a police informant involved or not? If Lambesis said he wants he wife dead and gave someone money for that purpose… I mean… what’s the best case scenario? That it was entrapment and he gets off for that reason? It wouldn’t change the fact that he did something incredibly horrible.

What I really want — and I know a lot of us really want — is some scenario in which the whole thing just isn’t true at all, or it’s just some big misunderstanding, or… I dunno. For Tim Lambesis not to have said “That’s exactly what I want.” Right now it feels like we’re not gonna get our wish.

Here’s the interview with Salerno if you’d like to hear it first hand:

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