“Keep Your Eyes Peeled” for Yet ANOTHER F*cking Queens of the Stone Age Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

It’s been twenty-four whole hours since Queens of the Stone Age released anything from their new album, …Like Clockwork, so, naturally, they’ve gone ahead and put out ANOTHER animated video, for the song “Keep Your Eyes Peeled.” I don’t think the song is all that interesting — it sounds kinda the way I imagine a fart would sound if farts could get drunk (note I’m saying if farts could get drunk — I’m not talking about drunken farts) — but mostly, I just want QOTSA to stop releasing shit in advance of Clockwork‘s unveiling. They’re like a girl who takes a dump with the door open, thereby robbing your relationship of all its mystery… on the first date. Like, can’t we get to know one another a little better first????

I don’t remember when …Like Clockwork comes out anymore, but what difference does it make? We’ve basically heard the whole goddamn album already.

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