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“Conditioned to Death:” Power Trip Get Their Reverb On


Power Trip - Manifest Decimation

I continue to be flabbergasted by the reverb-saturated production choice Power Trip made on their new album. I’m trying to come at it with an open mind, as oftentimes the unexpected is quite welcome. Unfortunately it just isn’t working for me. This is tight music played by talented musicians (saw these guys play at SXSW and they positively DECIMATED), and as such it demands mixing that serves to accentuate said tightness, not obscure it. Instead this thing sounds like it was recorded in a rusted out old Buick on the bottom of the ocean, and I’m left wishing I could hear what these guys are actually playing instead of being forced to fill in the gaps with my brain. Why, Power Trip, why??

It seems as if the majority of MetalSucks readers disagree with me, though… I’m just one dude, and what the hell do I know? Stream a brand new song called “Conditioned to Death” over at Lambgoat and tell me what you think below. The whole reverb-up-to-11 thing works in the slower sections but everything sounds like mucky mud during the fast parts. The guitar solo certainly sounds like it might be awesome (shred! divebombs!), but I can’t tell because all the reverb is covering up each note.

All this really just bums me out because of how much ass this band kicks live. Watch this video from a 2012 show in Philadelphia and tell me that isn’t some absolutely gnarly shit. I was really hoping the record would bring the same vibe. On the other hand, at least it’s not just another re-thrash record (R.I.P.). Manifest Decimation comes out on June 11th via Southern Lord.

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