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Tim Lambesis Was Arrested at Barnes & Noble


Lambesis Oceanside BandA Arrest

SHOCKING NEWS: there are still Barnes & Nobles in the world, and Tim Lambesis has shopped at one.

(Note to young people: Barnes & Noble was a popular chain of book stores. Book stores are where people went to purchase physical copies of stories printed on paper made from dead trees. Obviously, this was prior to the invention of the Kindle. Barnes & Noble is not, to the best of my knowledge, co-owned, or in any way associated with, Chris Barnes.)

An anonymous employee of the Barnes & Noble in Oceanside, CA (pictured above) has described Lambesis’ arrest — which happened inside the store — to The San Diego Reader:

“It was about 2 p.m. My buddy was outside the store doing face-painting and the cops told him that he needed to stop immediately and go inside. Tim [Lambesis] was there with a friend just browsing. I saw one special task-force cop, two regular officers, and two undercover officers. They just pushed everyone aside and handcuffed him. It all happened so fast. It seemed like they were planning it out for a long time.”

Two things confuse me about this:

  1. How did they plan out the arrest in advance? Did they know he was going to be at the Barnes & Noble? And if so, how did they obtain that information?
  2. Face-painting???

All kidding aside, I’m glad this went so smoothly and no one was hurt. I also think they should release the name of whatever book or books Lambesis was there to purchase. It would be really, really good for the author’s/authors’ sales.

Thanks for all the e-mails.

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