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Dave Mustaine Spends HOW Much on Conditioner?!?!

  • Axl Rosenberg

Thrash Hits have an awesome new featured called “Hair Metal” — which isn’t about bands like Britny Fox, but, rather, about how modern metal musicians maintain their hair. Unfortunately, if not surprisingly, so far multiple interviewees have said, simply, that they don’t wash their hair.

Dave Mustaine, naturally, is the exception. He reveals:

“I don’t shampoo it every day – I shampoo it every other day just so that the soap doesn’t strip my hair out. Other than that I use extensive conditioner. The stuff’s called Pureology. I don’t recommend anyone get it because it’s really super expensive.”

Metal Injection ran a search for Pureology and found the cheapest bottle to be about fifty bucks, although I seem some for thirty. Which is still more than I have ever spent on any hair product in my life. Two haircuts cost me about thirty dollars (thanks, Astor Place!). A bottle of generic brand shampoo/conditioner combo costs me $6.50 before tax. I have no idea how many of those I buy a year, but if we say that it’s once a month — which is being generous — that still only $78 a year. That’s not even three bottles of the cheapest Pureology conditioner on the market.

I guess we should give Mustaine credit for being honest instead of attempting to maintain whatever is left of his street cred by not revealing how much he spends on conditioner, but since the new Megadeth album is fucking terrible, I’m just going to make fun of him instead:

Dave Mustaine Pureology

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