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Six Feet Under Gets Another Brain Drill


Marco Pitruzzella

In the true spirit of heavy metal trading cards, Chris Barnes has traded another former member of Chimaira for another former member of Brain Drill.

Six Feet Under have parted ways with drummer Kevin Talley, making him the last of three ex-Chimairians to leave the band. In a statement, Barnes explained that  “we are very ready and extremely focused on moving the band forward with a new, more stable and permanent lineup for writing as well as touring.” So, presumably, Talley wasn’t necessarily available for, or willing to participate in, writing and touring. You probably guessed as much but I felt like I had to yell it to the cheap seats.

No word yet on Talley’s next move, but I’m sure he’ll be in seventeen new bands by this time tomorrow.*

Talley will be replaced by Marco Pitruzzella (pictured above), who was once in Brain Drill alongside current SFU bassist Jeff Hughell. From a purely technical standpoint, at least, what Brain Drill do is so far beyond what SFU did that I have to imagine Pitruzzella can play his new band’s songs in his sleep (I always assumed the same was true of Talley, too). I’m also guessing Pitruzzella is more than qualified for this gig because I just watched this video of him playing “Subliminal Servitude” by another one of his former bands, Anomalous:

Pitruzzella will make his live debut with Six Feet Under tomorrow at Scion Rock Fest in Memphis, TN.

*Some readers have asserted that Talley is in Battlecross now. To date, however, he’s only been announced as a fill-in for two shows. I wouldn’t be shocked if that ended up being his new gig, but no one should get excited until there’s some kind of official announcement stating as much.

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