I’m Not Saying Motionless in White Wanna Be Marilyn Manson, Butttt…

  • Axl Rosenberg

I sat down to watch the new Motionless in White video, “America,” because it’s directed by Clown from Slipknot, and his forays into filmmaking are often inadvertently hilarious. Alas, there isn’t really anything that sets this crappy video apart from any number of other crappy videos.

I did, however, notice two things while suffering through this piece of shit: first, that Motionless in White’s current logo looks an awful lot like Marilyn Manson’s logo circa The Golden Age of Grotesque:

Motionless in Manson

And second, that the song bears more than a passing resemblance to Manson’s “Ka-Boom,” from that same album. Predominately in both the lyrics…

I’m the leader of the club, and I’ve shrugged off my mouse ears
We fly no-class Dumbo jets, and drive hot Corvettes
We fight war with drugs and our sex always formal
We wear lawsuits when we get high, high, high
-Marilyn Manson, “Ka-Boom”

We take medication to be someone else
And we take off our clothes to pay for the bills
Where downloading content will buy you a sentence
And murder is free in the Hollywood hills
-Motionless in White, “America”

…and the way in which the vocals are delivered:

It makes sense that the members of MiW would be into Grotesque — Tim Skold, who was Manson’s primary collaborator on that album, also worked on Infamous, the release on which “America” appears. I don’t know if that makes the whole thing better or worse; on the one hand, you can’t really rip yourself off, but on the other hand, there’s something kinda cynical about Skold basically going “Well, it worked ten years ago, so…”, isn’t there?

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