Lamb of God “Metal on the Mountain” Contest Winner Announced


Lamb of God Metal on the Mountain ContestThanks to all who entered our Metal on the Mountain Retreat contest, in which one lucky winner was chosen to receive a free scholarship for Lamb of God’s four-day retreat in Upstate New York.

If you didn’t win, fret not: tickets are still available! This is your opportunity to meet and jam with the band, attend instructional clinics and songwriting seminars, watch the world premiere of Lamb of God’s new feature film, go to the nearby casino with all the band members, and more. The Metal on the Mountain Retreat takes place at Full Moon Resort in the Woodstock, New York area of the Catskill Mountains from July 15 through July 19th, 2013.

The winner is Eric Davis (no, not this guy) from Ponder, TX, who stole our hearts with the following entry:

You guys don’t know what it’s like living down here, in the middle of fucking nowhere. There are never any Metalheads. Oh sure, I’ll get some dudes who like a bunch of 80s stuff and a couple token Melodic Death Metal or Folk Metal bands, but I’ve been the most goddamn Metal person I’ve known almost all of my life. (The sole exception being meeting the one other Metalhead here at college.) I don’t say that because of some misplaced sense of pretentiousness masquerading as pride: I say it because I want a fucking break. Just once, I want to be around guys who can hold a goddamn conversation with me about Metal. Just once, I would like, in person, to party to ‘The Art Of Partying.’ For fuck’s sake, I just want to be able to talk about Slayer with some people who actually know who the fuck they are. Jam to some goddamn Pantera just because Cowboys From Hell is a fun fucking album, you know? Don’t get me wrong, I like trying to get people into Metal. It’s rather rewarding. But I just want to spend some time getting Metal with other dudes instead of fucking having to listen to country all day. I swear to fucking Satan, if I have to go to another party where all I hear is Brad Paisley and dubstep, I will gut myself right then and there, grill my intestines, and then force feed them into the local jerkoff with a cowboy hat just so that I might have the chance of coming back as the most fucked up ghost in the world to piss on all those ignorant bastards without being stopped. Plus, with all those damn music lessons, I could write a concept album about said self-gutting and the ephemeral piss hijinks that would ensue.

Congrats, Eric! Have fun.

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