Tim Lambesis Trial

Tim Lambesis Paid $160,000 to Make Bail, Worked with a Bail Bond Company



Have you been wondering how Tim Lambesis came up with the $2 million necessary to get himself out of the pen? So have we. Thankfully the San Diego Reader [via Lambgoat] has done some A+ investigative journalism work to dig up the details. In short: he didn’t, but he still paid a pretty hefty sum to someone else to take on the risk for him.

According to the Reader, Tim Lambesis worked with California bail bond company All-Pro Bail Bonds to help get him out of jail. Unable to come up with the $2 million figure set by the courts himself (reduced from $3 million), Lambesis turned to the bail bond company to pay the $2 million to the courts for him. For taking on that risk, Lambesis paid the bail bond company a one-time fee of $160,000 that he will not get back under any circumstance. While it is standard to pay a bail bond company 10% of the total bail amount for this service, Lambesis apparently had his fee reduced to 8% for certain discounts. All-Pro will get their entire $2 million back from the state of California once Lambesis’ case reaches its conclusion.

Read more about the Lambesis bail bond case — and about bail bonds in general — over at Lambgoat. Fascinating stuff!

This morning we learned that a nosy neighbor overheard Meggan Lambesis fighting with Tim’s dad on Memorial Day. Read about that here.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Lambgoat first published the report referenced above. It was not Lambgoat, but the San Diego Reader. A clarification was also added about Lambesis paying 8% instead of the usual 10% for a bail bond.

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