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Nosy Neighbor: “Shouting Match Between Meggan Lambesis and Tim’s Father Erupts on Memorial Day”


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Before we go any further, let us reiterate that there is still SO MUCH we do not know about the Lambesis case. Divorces are extremely messy; shit, I don’t even know all the details about my own parents’ divorce and that happened when I was a grown man. The fact of the matter is that we will probably never know the truth about what led to the Lambesis divorce and what conversations, to this day, are going on privately between family members.

Also, I’d like to posit that the whole steroid defense is completely bunk. I don’t believe Lambesis ever took steroids, but it sure is a convenient sort of “insanity” defense given Tim’s newfound bulky stature. Is the prosecution going to test Tim’s blood to see if it shows positive for steroid use? Would there even be any traces of steroids left at whatever date in the future the trial takes place? Doubtful. The fact that Tim switched lawyers around the time the steroid defense came out is also very fishy.

ANYWAY, all that said, a local ABC affiliate in San Diego spoke with a neighbor of Tim’s parents in Del Mar, CA who reported that there was a lot of shouting coming from the Lambesis residence on Memorial Day. The neighbor claimed that the yelling match was between Meggan Lambesis and Tim’s father Nick, although we have no way of verifying this. The neighbor, Charlene Walker, told 10News:

She was here. The wife was here screaming at Nick, “It’s not about the money it’s not about the money.” She just said “I don’t care if all the money goes to Africa.” She says “I have my own job, I have my own money.”

10News knocked on the door of Lambesis’ parent’s house in Del Mar several times Thursday and allegedly spoke with someone, but no one would say where Lambesis was living under house arrest since being released on bail.

Just one tidbit of info in a very public and upsetting case. More as we get it. Thanks to Metal Injection for picking this up.

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