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Neilstein Soundscam: Debuts from TesseracT, Kylesa and ASG


Neilstein Soundscam

Lots of chart movement this week with five new bands appearing, three of whom released new albums last week.

More complete pure sales figures this week and every week at Metal Insider!

1. ↑ Alice in Chains / Peak: 1 / Last Week: 3 / Weeks On: 5

Albums sold: 61,050 (The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, debut)
Facebook: 1.7% Fan Activity (3,564,661 likes · 63,867 talking about this)
YouTube: 1,025,000 (“Stone” official video)

Hard to deny a band that sold 61k friggin’ albums the #1 spot, despite the low FB Fan Activity % (which, as it happens, has been steadily rising). Congrats!

2. ↔ The Black Dahlia Murder / Peak: 2 / Last Week: 2 / Weeks On: 4

Albums sold: 0 (Everblack, June 11)
Facebook: 1.9% (993,589 likes · 19,322 talking about this)
YouTube: 306,000 (“Into the Everblack” premiere)

Band continues to enjoy awesome buzz in advance of the new album.

3. ↓ The Dillinger Escape Plan / Peak: 1 / Last Week: 1 / Weeks On: 6

Albums sold: 1,875 (One of Us is the Killer, week three)
Facebook: 5.7% Fan Activity (188,021 likes · 10,864 talking about this
YouTube: 290,000 (“When I Lost My Bet” official video)

FB Fan Activity % is still very solid despite continuing to drop post-album release. YouTube plays and albums sold are slowing down greatly, but DEP will be around for a while still.

4. TesseracT / Peak: 4 / Last Week: n/a / Weeks On: 1

Albums sold: 4,100 (Altered State, debut)
Facebook: 11.8% (121,917 likes · 14,418 talking about this)
YouTube: 237,000 (full album stream)

I feel bad for leaving TesseracT off this list until now because they definitely deserve to have been included in the weeks leading up to the release of Altered State. The album is getting really good reviews, even from folks who ordinarily aren’t into djent at all. And look at that FB Engagement number!

5. Kylesa / Peak: 5 / Last Week: n/a / Weeks On: 1

Albums sold: 2,500 (Ultraviolet, debut)
Facebook: 5.9% (48,516 likes · 2,885 talking about this)
YouTube: 44,000 (“Unspoken” official premiere)

Kylesa are back on the charts for their release week after making an appearance on prior weeks’ charts earlier on in the album hype cycle.

6. ↓ ASG / Peak: 4 / Last Week: 4 / Weeks On: 3

Albums sold: 1,250 (Blood Drive, debut)
Facebook: 16.4% (12,925 likes · 2,130 talking about this)
YouTube: 28,500 (“Avalanche” lyric video)

A solid showing for ASG in week one. That’s a hell of an FB Fan Activity figure, meaning the band’s existing fans are highly engaged (although it remains to be seen if they’re gaining new ones).

7. ↑ Amon Amarth / Peak: 7 / Last Week: 9 / Weeks On: 2

Albums sold: 0 (Deceiver of the Gods, June 25)
Facebook: 4.8% (428,838 likes · 20,851 talking about this)
YouTube: 370,000 (“Deceiver of the Gods” official premiere)

That FB Activity % is excellent for a band with so many followers and whose album is still weeks away from release.

8. ↓ Ghost / Peak: 1 / Last Week: 5 / Weeks On: 11

Albums sold: 1,199 (Infestissumamweek seven)
Facebook: 3.8% Fan Activity (132,104 likes · 5,143 talking about this)
YouTube: 956,000 (“Secular Haze” official video)

The albums sold figure is now dropping by a couple hundred a week, approaching 30k cumulative. FB % and YouTube plays are slowing down too.

9. Children of Bodom / Peak: 9 / Last Week: n/a / Weeks On: 1

Albums sold: 0 (Halo of Blood, June 11)
Facebook: 1.1% (2,239,673 likes · 23,470 talking about this)
YouTube: 477,000 (“Transference” official video)

FB engagement % is very low, but that’s not surprising for a band with so many likes. YouTube is solid… other videos are performing well too. Look for a big first week sales figure from these guys.

10. Scale the Summit / Peak: 10 / Last Week: n/a / Weeks On: 1

Albums sold: 0 (The Migration, June 11)
Facebook: 3.1% (53,190 likes · 1,663 talking about this)
YouTube: 45,000 (“Odyssey” official premiere)

With yet another new song out and a big tour on the way these guys should fare well in coming weeks.

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