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Dave Lombardo is Gonna Be on the New Sepultura Album


Dave Lombardo Sepultura Band Pic

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser broke the news via a recent studio diary chronicling the making of Sep’s new album. The diary is insanely long, so I’m just gonna re-publish the part about Lombardo here, and then you can read the rest on your own if you like.

“Next morning we were preparing to record the second guitar when Ross [Robinson, producer] received a message on his phone, he was really excited about it so he stopped everything to tell us what was going on: Dave Lombardo, the one and only ex-drummer from Slayer, also plays with Mike Patton on Phantomas, was real close to the studio with his kids and his dog enjoying some time at the beach, Ross asked if he would like to come to the studio and jam something on our album and he said YES! We were so excited, we could not believe that one of our great idols was ready to be a part of our new album.

“He came and it was so nice, so special, so awesome! He is one of the nicest guys in business and he enjoyed the idea a lot. Ross and Mike prepared two drum sets on the living room, facing each other, no cymbals, just tribal drums! When the mics were all ready and running Eloy [Casagrande, drums] and Dave started playing and the magic was on, so great! The part they recorded will be a special part on the middle of one of the songs, it came out crazy!

“We just have to thank Mr. Lombardo and his family for this opportunity. Thank you Dave, we will never forget this, it’s a real honor to have you on the album!”

And here’s a photo of Lombardo recording with Casagrande:

Dave Lombardo Sepultura

As much as I love Dave Lombardo, I don’t actually find this news all that exciting. For one thing, it’s been about twenty years since Sepultura made an album I’ve really loved (although some of the Derrick Green era is slightly underrated, if you ask me). For another thing, while Lombardo jamming with Igor Cavalera might have been really cool, well, uh, Eloy Casagrande, y’know?

Dave Lombardo Igor Cavalera

And on top of all of that, Ross Robinson is producing the album, which doesn’t exactly instill me with confidence. (Hi, I’m the guy who doesn’t like Roots. It’s a nu-metal album and, if we’re being honest, the first Soulfly album. Deal with it.)

Sooo… yeah. I mean good for Sep and all that, but I’m still skeptical their new album will knock my socks off. I guess we’ll find out when Nuclear Blast releases it later this year.




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