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Save Money, Get P.O.O.R. for Free

  • Axl Rosenberg

POOR - Extinction of Trust

Last week, we told you about Extinction of Trust by P.O.O.R. (Point of Our Resistance), one of the best grind albums of 2012 that everyone — this website included — seems to have missed, despite featuring guest vocals and guitar solos by Exhumed’s Matt Harvey.

Hopefully, you checked the album out then, but in case you didn’t, you are now shit out of excuses, ’cause the band is giving the album away for free on Bandcamp today (Wednesday, June 19) and today only.

And in case you’re one of those people who thinks that we here at MetalSucks are total ass clowns, you should know that we’re not the only ones who love this album: DecibelMetal Maniacs, and Terrorizer have all given it the big thumbs up, too.

I’m including the full album stream below (again) in case you really value your hard drive space to such an extent that you won’t just download an awesome free album the way any sensible person would. But seriously, this album is awesome, and for today at least it’s free, and you should just goddamn download it already.

P.O.O.R. are heading back into the studio to record Extinction‘s follow-up soon, so expect us to remind you how friggin’ great they are again in the not-too-distant future.

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