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All Pigs Must Die’s “Silencer” Ain’t So Silent

  • Axl Rosenberg

All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature

I’ve been struggling to think of a good way to describe “Silencer,” the new declaration of war song from All Pigs Must Die, for the past fifteen minutes or so, and here’s what I’ve come up: “Silencer” is the musical equivalent of someone who deliberately injects himself with AIDS, chews up a bunch of broken glass, and then walks up to his enemy and promptly pukes in that poor fucker’s mouth. The level of vitriolic vengeance that oozes outta this song is THAT high. The guitars are liable to cause lacerations, the drums, brain damage. “Intense” isn’t a strong enough word for this song; “intense” is intimidated by this song.

I fucking love it.

Stream “Silencer” here. It will appear on APMD’s new album, Nothing Violates This Nature, which will violate earholes when it comes out July 23 on Southern Lord.

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