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Streaming: Lantern’s Below Will Below Your Mind

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Lantern Below

If u are like me, u treat your mobile phone as a hallowed keeper of instant jamz and party music. See, out away from home base, u aren’t in the mood for discovery of unknown albums or working through dense, effort-intensive stuff. That is best undertaken while laying in bed in a state of sensory deprivation; to get stored on your phone — your go-to mood-lifter that follows u everywhere — a jam has already gone through that process and has proven dependable when there’s no time to deliberate. These are for when u need a jam now or else.

For that reason, it’s wild when an album vaults these necessary hurdles straight into your pocket music device for life. This record is so euphoric, so masterful and confident, and above all so instantly addictive that u know by its second jam that, yep, this will sound awesome anywhere at anytime and in any company. This is Lantern’s brand new album Below. U checked out two of its awesome deathened black metal tracks in Tuesday’s Shit That Comes Out Today (here), but now, all of Below is streaming (um below). Can u take my word for it? Well, this is unconventional, but let’s hear from other dudes like me, who went from “oblivious to Lantern” to “worshipful of Lantern” in 40 minutes:

Lantern is music for the all of sick minds of the world to rejoice to the beat of the death march. — Ivo, Cvlt Nation

Lantern is something special and should not be missed by fans of any kind of metal. [Below is] a potential year-end stunner and they have only just begun. — Tom Compagna, heavymetal.about.com

Below is one of the best Black/Death Metal albums I have heard in years. It will scare the living heck out of you. — The Sludgelord

Below is one of the rare musical entries that you can’t just file away after a couple of unfocused listens. No matter what, when this music is in the air you seem to be totally submissive to its allure, and it will keep you coming back for repeated visits. With a subtle slant of antiquity and a generous amount of present-day magic, Below becomes all-consuming, an ever-encompassing voyage to the central spots where imagination and solemnity make strange, albeit necessary bedfellows. — Metal Psalter

Read Decibel‘s awesome interview with Lantern here. Get Below here

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