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Spoiler: Beyond’s “Fatal Power Of Death” Is Awesome, Deadly


Beyond Fatal Power Of Death

As a reader of MetalSucks, u can depend on us to make asses of ourselves so u don’t have to! Want an example? Okay, let’s say we recently encountered a killer death metal album and then strutted around for a few days bellowing its title and the name of its creators. Except that we sorta got the details wrong lol. Shit!

But it’s not a dumb mistake. In fact, let’s do an experiment: Beyond Fatal Power Of Death. See those five words? Is your first instinct to identify the band as “Beyond Fatal” and the album title Power Of Death? I sure did! I figured there already are like a million acts called Beyond; plus if this band were called Beyond, that would mean that their record is titled Fatal Power Of Death, an unfortunate occurrence of metalspeak unbefitting of a mega-jam like this — even in Germany! But alas …

The band is called Beyond (sigh). The title of the album (and its powerhouse lead track): Fatal Power Of Death (srs?). There! Saved u some sheepish backtracking. lol Anyway now that we’ve exhausted ourselves clarifying this minor point, let’s crank the song (below) and album (at Decibel here) that share the unambiguous title. U jam?

Beyond’s Fatal Power Of Death is out Tuesday on Iron BoneHead. 

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