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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: July 16, 2013

  • David Lee Rothmund


This week’s theme: small ‘n’ mighty. Like a pissed off little person. Like a wasp of lust and death. Or like a shorter yet perfectly adequate list of new Shit That Comes Out Today! These albums are as sexy as they come, so be sure to spin them all!


Evan Brewer Your ItineraryEvan Brewer
Your Itinerary (Sumerian)
On a playlist with: Thomas Giles, Trioscapes, The Faceless
Listen “Microscopic Scale” (here)

Boom. The second solo album by The Faceless bass master and all-around kickass guy Evan Brewer is one hell of a production. Your Itinerary is sewn together almost too well — the poppy energy of Brewer’s slapping feeds into some seriously smooth blues interludes, and many harmonized sections are just divine. Basically it’s as lubed and DTF as your girlfriend’s BFF! It begs to be spun, just as Brewer’s mastery of bass guitar begs to escape. Anyway, I apologize for rubbing one out all over Your Itinerary, I’ve been waiting for a non-pretentious soft instrumental metal album for a billion years.


defeater letters homeDefeater
Letters Home (Bridge Nine)
On a playlist with: The Haunted, A Life Once Lost, Touché Amoré
Listen Letters Home full stream (here) “No Shame” (here)

Letters Home hits the sweet spot of hardcore for me — it does more than bang on chords like on upturned buckets; there’s the right amount of dissonance to sound postmetal-y. On top of that, I love the vocals hard. They’re ethereal, real, and raw, and they flow sensationally among a song’s ascents and descents. Letters falls into the category of crunch, like Cap’n Crunch, since you can feel its abrasiveness between your teeth. I like that in an album. It means when you crank it, you end up blowing the midrange, not just the bass!


massive audio nerve cancer vulgarisMassive Audio Nerve
Cancer Vulgaris (Dead End Exit)
On a playlist with: Rob Zombie, Fear Factory, Hord
Listen “Cryosync” (hereCancer Vulgaris sampler (here)

Feeling like some zombie/industrial-core? You’re in luck, Chuck. (If you’re down for a wicked drum video, check out the link for “Cryosync” above!) Now I’m not the biggest fan of industrial or its 58 million sub-genres, but anybody can dig what’s going down in Cancer Vulgaris. I like the combine-gone-haywire screechy bits, and I definitely <3 the vocals which sound like the fuckchild of Slipknot and Fear Factory. But Cancer is well-rounded and not strictly industrial — some choruses are very non-mechanized and some singing is very not robotic.


Hammercult Anthems smallHammercult
Anthems Of The Damned (SPV)
On a playlist with: Revocation, The Fading, Eradicator
Listen “Hell’s Unleashed” (here) “Let The Angels Burn” (here) “Above The Ruins” (here) “Into The Death Gate” (here) “The Damned” (here)

Revocation-style jams all the way from Tel Aviv! Definitely not as good as Revocation (hard to match, amirite?), but hella respectable. I love actual riffs in metal — endless iterations of 0-0-0-0-1-0-0-0-0-1 is not the same as riffing — and I also love it when bands purposely pick the most wonky-dork names for their albums and songs just for the lols! Benefit of the doubt for Hammercult! Anyway, Anthems Of The Damned appears generic as fuck, but is it fucking throwback good.


the order of elijah dethroneThe Order Of Elijah
Dethrone (Rottweiler)
On a playlist with: Pat Robertson, The Baby Jesus, Jehovah’s Evil Twin Jerry
Listen “New Line Of Defense” (here)

BREAKING NEWS The Order Of Elijah releases the worst lyric video of all time! No seriously, do me a favor and watch this fucker all the way through. I ain’t gonna spoil the fuckfacepalm moment (at 2:45), but if you have a) any taste, b) a moderate command of English, or c) epilepsy, you’re gonna have a bad time. TOOE redraws the line between just plain-ol’ awful music and sheer effrontery. But I do have one positive thing to say! The lyrics are beyond shite, but the vocals are pretty good. Whaddya know?


Trouble The Distortion Field smallTrouble
The Distortion Field (FRW)
On a playlist with: Exhorder, Retro Grave, Zoetrope
Listen “When The Sky Comes Down” “Sucker” “Butterflies” (here)

It’s hard to characterize The Distortion Field — we get classic rock solos, doomy undertones, and classic thrash riff rewrites. I love the combination, but what ties it together is new singer Kyle Thomas (Exhorder). His pipes are as fuzzy as an unsubscribed cable porn channel. They’re as ice-cold and sharp as an Eskimo’s boning knife. I get goosebumps listening to this kind of metal — the throwback kind — it’s the kind that’s predictably crankable and perfect for long road trips. Simple stuff, simple pleasures. Life is good sometimes, yup?


Phantom Glue - A War of Light ConesOTHER SHIT THAT COMES OUT TODAY

The Aristocrats Culture Clash (Boing) listen listen
Beyond Fatal Power Of Death (Iron Bonehead) listen listen listen
The Cult Electric Peace (Beggars Banquet) listen
Jucifer за волгой для нас земли нет (The Russian Album) (Nomadic Fortress/Mutants Of The Monster) listen
King Conquer
1776 digital (Mediaskare) listen listen
Kryptos The Coils of Apollyon (AFM) listen
Minotaurus The Call (Limb) listen
Stomach Earth - An Invocation» Phantom Glue A War Of Light Cones (Black Market Activities) listen listen
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Walk Through Exits Only (Housecore) listen listen
Seven Witches Rebirth (Frostbyte) listen
» Stomach Earth Stomach Earth (Black Market Activities) listen listen listen
Victorious Awakening (SPV/Sonic Attack) lwisten
Witches Mark Witching Metal Ritual (Heaven and Hell) listen listen


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