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Exclusive Full-Album Stream: Get Your Face F*cked-Off by Stomach Earth


In January, I predicted that the self-titled debut album from Stomach Earth — the new funeral doom project from The Red Chord’s Mike “Gunface” McKenzie — would fuck our faces off. Now that the album has arrived, I am pleased to pat myself on the back: I was right! Stomach Earth is the sound of dread, your worst nightmares in audio form. It is a creature of indescribably wretched and horrifying form that has you helplessly cornered, lumbering slowly towards you, hovering above you, thick gobs of drool dripping slowly from its massive jaws full of endless rows of sharp teeth, before, finally, it consumes you alive, slowly digests you, and shits you out. Weep and beg for mercy all you want. There shall be none.

Do yourself a favor and stream Stomach Earth’s self-titled debut in its entirety below. It’s out TODAY on Black Market Activities! Order a physical copy here or purchase a digital download here!!!

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