Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Reader Bracket

Rounds 37 & 38: Megadeth Vs. Pantera, Attack Attack! Vs. Abigail Williams


Shat Brack 37_38

The results are in, and Friday’s match-ups weren’t even the slightest bit close! The MetalSucks readership has decided that Cradle of Filth are more deserving of catching flak than Slipknot in the battle of the costumed weirdos, and that Arch Enemy have stood the test of time better than Six Feet Under in the battle of… potentially Needlessly Shat Upon bands that happened to match up in our bracket based on your votes.

Round three continues today as two of metal’s long-running but divisive heavyweight champs face off against one another while two relative newcomers, both oft Shat Upon, spar across town. The polls close tomorrow, Tuesday, July 23, at 4:30 pm EST. 

MEGADETH VS. PANTERAMegadeth vs Pantera

Fun fact: Dime was almost in Megadeth at one point. He was offered the gig, but turned it down because Mustaine wouldn’t take Vinnie Paul, too. Did Dime make the right choice, or should Mustaine have hired both Abbott brothers on the spot?

ATTACK ATTACK! VS. ABIGAIL WILLIAMSAttack Attack vs Abigail Williams

Who are we kidding? Attack Attack! ain’t winning this. Sorry, crabcore fans.

THE BRACKET THUS FAR (click to enlarge):


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