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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: July 23, 2013

  • David Lee Rothmund

Star & Dagger Tomorrowland Blues

Hello friends! Okay, so July is already funneling down to a close. Now, August will be a tit-storm of awesomeness, so in the meantime, enjoy this July-is-almost-over Shit That Comes Out Today! By “enjoy” I mean click all the motherfucking links!


Misery Signals - Absence of LightMisery Signals
Absent Light (Basick)
On a playlist with: Conducting From The Grave, All That Remains, As I Lay Dying
Listen Absent Light full stream (here)

I get hard-ons for good metalcore. It doesn’t happen often — usually I have whiskey dick when others are like “omg bro this core so good.” But when Misery Signals dropped Controller in 2008, I had a drooling problem for a week. Yeah, Misery Signals has breakdowns, and core-sounding vocals, and somewhat generic guitar tones, but it’s their element X which makes a difference. Just listen for yourself. Absent Light is right up there — not as good as Controller IMO, but the sexiest thing you’ll hear in a while.


The Last Word Is Yours to SpeakPhinehas
The Last Word Is Yours To Speak (Red Cord)
On a playlist with: Threat Signal, Arkaea, Ferb
Listen “Fleshkiller” (here)

Verses: oh-em-gee. Choruses: ruined again by sub-par whining. Okay, so it’s not that bad, but The Last Word could be so much harder if it didn’t feature clean vocals. But seriously, the riffage throughout is golden, especially on “Fleshkiller.” Spin that motherfucker above while you read on. Hell, even the solo isn’t half bad! Anyway, I kind of like Phinehas. They’re like salad — I never crave it, but when I run across it I’m delighted by how fresh and crunchy it is! They just need some more dressing.


karnivool - asymmetryKarnivool
Asymmetry (Cymatic)
On a playlist with: Dead Letter Circus, The Butterfly Effect, Birds of Tokyo
Listen Asymmetry full stream (here)

This whole hyperspace mood/love-core genre has me perplexed. I’m not really sure what’s good or what’s bad — what’s quality shit or what’s just shit. But when I listen to Karnivool, I ain’t bothered by the stratospheric vocals and the pandemic drumming. It’s not 100% my jam, but the fact that even I enjoy it means you probably will do. Fuck, I can think of a few places I’d love to rock out Asymmetry: At work not doing work, at home not doing work, in bed not sleeping. You get the idea. This is one you let sink into your brain. Nice and spacey for all you cadets out there.


alpha & omega no rest no peaceAlpha & Omega
No Rest, No Peace (Bridge Nine)
On a playlist with: Bitter End, Fire And Ice, Take Offense
Listen No Rest No Peace full stream (here) “No Rest, No Peace” (here) “Sink” (here)

Yes, yes, fucking yes. Okay, so I’ve been on the search for a metallic hardcore band which has just the right amounts of metal and hardcore, meaning lots of metal and just a bit of hardcore. Just spin the title track (above) until the end and you’ll see what I mean — that outro is fucking killer. Anyway, I love the ’80s thrash bloodlines in No Rest, No Peace. I also love the vocals, production quality, and dose good feels you get listening to it! And right as I write this I’m listening to “Sink” and getting goosebumps. Oh hey, I just got my wallet out. Make it rain!


Harms Way BlindedHarm’s Way
Blinded EP (Deathwish Inc.)
On a playlist with: Soul Search, Foundation, Machine Head
Listen “Mind Control” (here)

Crunch and smash. There’s lots of crunching and smashing in Blinded. Almost too much? No, just kidding. Just the right amount. Just what the doctor ordered. Perfect if you’ve been diagnosed with a stopped heart or a dead brain. Blinded is a motherfucking defibrillator of an album. You could jump-start a moon with this shit. And that’s why I love it: no holds, no frills, just smash and kill, straight outta Chicago.


Quest of Aidance Misanthropic PropagandaQuest Of Aidance
Misanthropic Propaganda (Pulverised)
On a playlist with: Hypocrisy, Kataklysm, Bloodbath
Listen “Deadly Viral Strain” (here) “Anyx” (here)

I hope you like synth. And mid-song shifts. And tremolo picking. And Sweden. Quick warning, though: There is a lot of noise in Misanthropic Propaganda. And I guess that’s fitting for the name. But it’s a good noise, you dig? It that kind of chaotic static fuzz from your shitty TV that soothes your nerves when you’re trying to catch some Z’s. So many notes, so many shifts, such variation in the vocals. It’s mind-numbing and mind-fucking at the same time, and that’s exactly why it’s excellent shit that came out today. Omg it turned me into a zombie. I love Quest Of Aidance, I love Quest Of Aidance, I love Quest Of Aidance. Brains.



Armed For Apocalypse The Road Will EndAll Pigs Must Die Nothing Violates This Nature (Southern Lord) listen
American Head Charge Shoot EP listen listen
Anagnorisis Beyond All Light listen listen
» Armed For Apocalypse The Road Will End (Ironclad) listen listen listen listen
*Baroness Live at the Maida Vale EP (Relapse) listen listen
Black Tusk Tend No Wounds EP (Relapse) listen read
Body Stuff Body Stuff EP (The Path Less Traveled) listen listen listen
Counterparts The Difference Between Hell And Home (Victory) listen
Dischordia Project 19 (Rogue) listen listen
Frostland Darkness Ad Moriendum Dei GratiaFight Or Flight A Life By Design? (Warner Brothers) listen
» Frostland Darkness Ad Moriendum Dei Gratia (Inverse) listen
GrandExit The Dead Justifies The Means (Lifeforce) listen
Gyre Second Circle EP (Monolithic) listen
Mad Architect Journey To Madness (Supertzar) listen
Mammoth Grinder Underworlds (20 Buck Spin) listen listen listen read
Morne Shadows (Profound Lore) listen
Nunslaughter The Devil’s Congeries Vol. 1 (Hells Headbangers) listen listen
true widow circumambulationOld Gods Stylized Violence (Force Again) listen
The Pete Flesh Deathtrip Mortui Vivos Docent (Pulverised) listen
Serj Tankian Jazz-iz Christ (Serjical Strike) listen listen
Shot Down Stay Down Dodge This (Standby) listen
¤ Star & Dagger Tomorrowland Blues (Cauldron 333) listen
The Tangent Le Sacre Du Travail (Inside Out) listen
» True Widow Circumambulation (Relapse) listen
We Came As Romans Tracing Back Roots (Equal Vision) listen
The Winery Dogs The Winery Dogs (Loud and Proud) listen listen

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