Rigged: Wilson Guitarist Jason Spencer


Rigged - Jason Spencer / Wilson

Detroit-based hard rock outfit Wilson recently released their new album Full Blast Fuckery, and our own David Lee Rothmund had this to say about it: “An album that doesn’t take itself so seriously is as refreshing as a vodka-spiked limeade on a 95-degree day. (Seriously, lemonade sucks in comparison.)” Take a listen to Wilson’s music or watch their video for “College Gangbang” and you’ll instantly hear that these guys are all about the good time parties (shit, it’s right there in their Facebook URL). It’s no surprise, then, that their live setup is constructed for maximum rockage, volume and durability; no Axe-FX’s here, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Here’s guitarist Jason Spencer:

I’ve been playing ESP guitars for over five years now. Currently I am rocking out on an EC-1000 Deluxe, EC-1000T/CTM and EC-1000VB, all loaded with active EMG pickups (81 bridge, 60 neck).  One of the things I enjoy most about these guitars are the tone locks, which make the string changing process so much smoother.  The 3-way toggle switch is rad because it allows you to dig in to several tones.  These guitars have been through hell and have been extremely reliable in all conditions – extreme weather, road wear n’ tear and numerous beer splatters.  Shit, my main gal (Zahra) has taken numerous hits to the headstock and has collided with every member of Wilson, but the old girl never fails… knock on mahogany wood ;) 


Zahra – EC-1000 Deluxe


Chloe – EC-1000T/CTM



Lady Bird – EC-1000VB

The cabinet I play through, which was crafted by the talented folks at Emperor Cabinets, is a custom 6×12.  I’ll tell you what, Emperor Cabinets sound like angels having sex.  This beast may look like a fine piece of wood that was created from your grandmother’s massive dinner table, but they hold up like a tank.  The cab produces amazing mid range that cuts hard in the mix.  The natural resonance from the wood is excellent too.  Aside from being loud as fuck, the cab serves as a personal monitor in certain situations.  Since the top two speakers are closer to ear level it can help improve your stage volume for a mic because the sound isn’t shooting directly to your lower body. And on the flipside, if you EVER get in a situation where a venue doesn’t mic the cabs (we’ve all been there) you’ll be set.


This is my custom head case and 6-space rack by Affordable-Cases.  It houses a Peavey 6505, Furman power conditioner, DBX 266xl, Rocktron Super-C Hush and a 2-space drawer.  I actually own two Peaveys (6505 and 6505+), but I only take one out on the road with me.  I like the 6505 because it’s simple and powerful.  Stocked with JJ tubes, it is a true beast.  Also, this head is a tank on the road!


I use an SKB Stage Five Powered Pedalboard.  I will admit my board is a rat’s nest, but who fucking cares – it works! It’s a lot cleaner than it appears… you just can’t see the city of power I have running under the pedals.  On my board I currently run a Boss DD-6 Delay, Boss CS-2 Compression/Sustainer, Ibanez TS-9 (mod), Boss EQ-7 Equalizer, Electro Harmonix POG, Boss TU-2 and AKG Wireless Guitar System.


Picks – InTuneGP, .60mm


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