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Eyal Levi Wants to Teach YOU How To Use EZDrummer


Audiohammer Studios production wizard, Daath guitarist, MetalSucks columnist and all-around rad dude Eyal Levi knows a thing or two about recording: he’s worked on records by The Black Dahlia Murder, Arsis, Misery Index, The Contortionist, Last Chance to Reason, Holy Grail, and Battlecross, just to name a few. The Tumblr page he launched a couple of months back has been a great resource for folks with questions about recording technique, and now he’s taking it to the next level with a full-on live video course through CreativeLive, an online platform that specializes in live online video workshops in the creative fields.

Eyal’s first course will take place on September 25th and will focus on EZDrummer, the industry standard for digital drum programming. Here’s the course description:

Whether you use EZDrummer as a writing tool for demos or as a replacement for a human drummer, Toontrack’s plug in is your ticket to self-sufficiency. In his one-day creativeLIVE workshop, Eyal Levi of Audiohammer Studios will show you how to get the most out of the industry-leading digital solution for creating real-sounding drums.

Eyal, a seasoned producer, engineer, and musician, will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of EZDrummer. From writing and arranging realistic drum parts to how to mix the output in your DAW, Eyal will show you how to be the sole arbiter of your sound — no drummer required.

This workshop is taught with Protools — but includes a QuickStart guide so Logic, Cubase, and Ableton users can follow along.

I’m no recording engineer in any respect but this course seems fascinating to me. So many metal bands use EZDrummer, not just for demos but often on the final product. Shit, the drums on Meshuggah’s Catchy Thirty Three were programmed entirely using an older version of the software called Drumkit From Hell! I’d love to know all about how it works, and after all is said and done maybe I can finally get that one-man pornogrind project off the ground.

Oh, did we mention the course is free? The course is free.

Sign up here.

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