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Ziltoid Interrupts U.K. Radio Show: “My Hour is Getting Close”



Good on Heavy Blog for picking up on this Devin Townsend news bit that will surely be of interest to MetalSucks readers: over the weekend “Ziltoid” interrupted U.K. digital radio station Team Rock Radio to reveal that his long-rumored Ziltoid TV show and/or Ziltoid 2 album are soon coming to fruition. Listen to the clip:

In July Devin hinted that ZTV would begin filming “next month,” which is now… so presumably this thing is already underway and Devin’s just getting the hype machine going. And we’re biting hook, line and sinker into that hype machine because we’re Devin fanboys, duh, and ZTV/Z2 represents a big, fat, juicy worm. Yum.

More as we learn it.

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