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Celebrity Spotify Playlist: Brant Bjork of Vista Chino’s Stoner Rock Playlist


Vista Chino

Vista Chino are the latest band to rise from the ashes of Kyuss, whose rich, stoner rock heritage has led to Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator and, most recently, Kyuss Lives. The latter’s efforts were squashed by a lawsuit brought on by Josh Homme, but that hasn’t stopped its members from waving the stoner rock flag high and proud: Brant Bjork and John Garcia will release their debut album Peace under the Vista Chino moniker on August 30th. Stream the track “Dargona Dragona” here, and read our official review of Peace here.

Drummer Brant Bjork put together a playlist for us of his favorite stoner rock jams of all time. Check it out below, along with his commentary.

1. The Stooges – “1969”: Shameless Stooges classic, the Detroit boys making sure America knows the difference between a stoner and a hippie.

2. Black Sabbath – “Sweet Leaf”: The true Masters Of Reality predict Stoner Rock’s future

3. MC5 – “Future/Now”: More of that Detroit grease. The “5” bring a smokin’ groove and conscious lyrics to boot.

4. Hawkwind – “Master Of The Universe”: Headphones not included. Unfortunately.

5. Blue Oyster Cult – “Dominance And Submission”: B.O.C. dominates and we submit.

6. Deep Purple – “Rat Bat Blue”: What could be more black than Black Sabbath? Ritchie “Blackmore”.

7. Saint Vitus – “Thirsty And Miserable”: Black Flag, Stoner Rock pioneers? Might be debatable for some ears but Saint Vitus covering this Dez-penned Black Flag classic is not.

8. Kyuss: “Green Machine”: The boys and I move from “Mexico” to “hydro” with positive results.

9. Fu Manchu – “Coyote Duster”: Proof that Scott Hill is a genius although he’ll probably kick my butt for saying it.

10. Sleep – “Dragonaut”: My manager turned me on to Sleep in ’92 with an advance copy of Holy Mountain. Super clear that Nor-Cal was down too.

11. Corrosion Of Conformity – “Albatross”: Mike Dean comes home and Pepper, Reed and Woody “deliver” the goods.

12. Melvins – “Revolve”: Buzz, with his “Zappa” sense of humor, might not claim Stoner Rock, but with a record like Stoner Witch and a song like “Revolve” we’ll invite him and Dale to the party anyways.

13. Clutch – “Spacegrass”: About the time I was first hearing the term Stoner Rock I was also getting turned on to Clutch. A very appropriate record to assist my full understanding.

14. Fatso Jetson – “Swollen Offering”: No Mario Lalli, no Kyuss. And on and on and on….

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