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The New Pathology Track “Empire” Goes Hard


Pathology - Lords of Rephaim

Dat mosh! The lords of slam in Pathology are back with “Empire,” a new track from their forthcoming album Lords Of Rephaim (September 3rd, Sevared Records). It’s got the slam and the gutturals, pretty all you require in new Pathology — and that trademark GROOVE — but, most importantly, what would Sergeant D think of the snare sound?? It’s got a good, hard pop to it but doesn’t have that 311 clanginess IMO; needs work. Stream “Empire” at Pathology’s website.

Also, holy crap, that album cover! It’s like The Matrix meets Terminator meets that dude who does interstellar street art for tourists using spray paint and pots and pans.

[via The PRP]

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