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Ulcerate Drummer Jamie St. Merat’s Spotify Playlist is Really Interesting (and Non-Metal)


Jamie Saint Merat - Ulcerate

We’re not the only metal website with excellent taste that posts playlists curated by our metal heroes; Decibel does it too (been doing so before we did, in fact), always with an accompanying write-up about each chosen tune from the man himself. Today’s feature is particularly outside the box: the playlist of Ulcerate mega-drum-God Jamie St. Merat, which has little to nothing to do with metal at all. Jamie’s intro sums it up nicely:

Being a drummer, I figured it might be an idea to pick something that sits outside of the usual or obvious choice. Drums being a mostly non-melodic instrument, most drummers I know end up listening to a wide variety of music that they’re not necessarily into stylistically–just that the rhythmic ideas presented are so good it’s criminal not to take an interest. So rather than pick classic tracks, I figured I’d choose some modern tracks that I get a kick out of and that display phenomenal drumming from drummers that really transcend all musical boundaries, regardless of whether or not you like the style or genre.

Love it love it love it. Like, I get it, your doom band listened to Black Sabbath growing up… next? Jamie’s list includes jazz, fusion, drum n’ bass and all sorts of other interesting odds and ends you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Ulcerate. My hunch is that it’ll appeal not only to drummers but musicians in general, or any metalhead with an open mind, especially with the context provided by Jamie. Stream the playlist below and be sure to read Jamie’s write-up while you do so.

Ulcerate’s new album Vermis comes out on September 17th. Stream the track “Confronting Entropy” here.

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