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The Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal Episode is Finally Almost Done


Metal Evolution The Lost Episode

One year ago the creators of the Metal Evolution TV series that aired on VH1 asked for your help in funding one final “lost episode” focusing on Extreme Metal, addressing the complaints of naysayers who didn’t think the series went far enough into the realms of metal’s less commercially palatable sub-genres like black metal, death metal, grindcore, etc.

The original crowd-funding campaign didn’t reach its goal of $135,000, but Sam Dunn (the series creator, also of Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey fame) soldiered on anyway and hasn’t given up: the final episode has been completely filmed, as planned, and he has now launched another Indiegogo campaign to bring the project down the home stretch. This latest campaign seeks a much more modest $35,000 CAD to cover post-production costs (editing, animation, graphic design, color correction, etc), rights acquisition (i.e. for use of archival photos) and music licensing fees.

There are plenty of excellent perks available to those who donate. So if you’d like to see this thing become a reality… go on and do it right now. Do it in the name of Dio’s ghost!

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