Cinemetal Round-Up: Alice in Chains Double Feature

  • Axl Rosenberg

AiC Double Feature

I’m going to put about as much effort into this intro as Layne Staley put into writing uplifting lyrics.

Alice in Chains have released not one but TWO videos for songs from their most recent release, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. And why, pray tell, did they release two videos at once? I have no clue. It seems like a squandered publicity move to me — the blogosphere coulda covered the band twice, but instead one article is all AiC gets.

ANYWAY, the videos are okay. The first one, for the album’s title track, does nothing especially new with the now-quite-cliché concept of a kiddie show that’s actually wicked; the second clip, for the song “Voices,” is basically a very pretty-looking, but otherwise unremarkable, performance and lyric video. Really, the part about it that I found the most interesting was the neon beer-sign-style lyrics. I can’t tell if they’re very good CG or if they’re real; if they’re real, I wonder how much they cost, how much time they took to make, and what became of them at the conclusion of the shoot. This is how my mind works, people, I can’t help it.

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is out now. You can read my review here.

[via The PRP]

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