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Hip-Hop Sextet World’s Fair is Down with… Burzum?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Not being quite as up on hip-hop as I was in my sprightlier years, I’d never even heard of Queens hip-hop collective World’s Fair until today, when a reader sent us a link to the cover of their new album, Bastards of the Party. And why, you ask, did a reader send us a link to the cover of a hip-hop album? Well…

Worlds Fair - Bastards Of The Party

I can’t recall ever having heard Varg Vikernes say anything about hip-hop or rap music specifically, but I have a hard time imagining he’s a fan — if he’s upset because he feels like too many metal musicians “behave like the stereotypical Negro,” I have to think that he really hates any form of music which was originally created by, y’know, like, actual black people.

Which, naturally, raises the question: what the hell is this dude doing wearing a Burzum shirt anyway? Is it an act of protest — in other words, did the guy wear it just to piss off Varg Vikernes? Is he unaware of Vikernes’ personal politics? Does he just not care about Vikernes’ personal politics?

Discuss in the comments section below. You can also stream World’s Fair’s Bastards of the Party here, if you’re curious.

Thanks: Hanez

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