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Vildhjarta, You “Dimman”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Vildhjarta - Thousands of Evils Small

Vildhjarta fans: rejoice! Or… Thall! (Did I use that right? I can never tell. Mostly, it just makes me think of Station from Bill & Ted.) It would seem there is a lot of activity brewing in the Sweden djent kings’ camp. For one thing, less-than-rumor has it that the band will soon be touring with Veil of Maya, Struc/tures, Northlane and Here Comes The Kraken… and if I were a betting man, I’d wager that we’re gonna get a release date for their new EPThousands of Evils, any second now.

In fact, the really-real studio version of one track from that EP, “Dimman” (perhaps an ode to D. Imman?), is now available for streaming via what may-or-may-not be an “official” leak. And it’s way cool! It’s predominantly acoustic and dreamy; the “Meshuggah part,” so to speak, isn’t as original or interesting… but it doesn’t even kick in until the song is more than halfway done, and when it does kick in, it rocks hard enough that you’re willing to forgive it for being the umpteenth time you’ve some variation on this riff. Check it out and see what you think:

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