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Exclusive Full-Album Stream: Ulcerate’s Vermis


Ulcerate - Vermis

[UPDATE: Now with working audio for the full album! -Ed.]

Worms: alien-like creatures (the only thing more-evil-looking than beady eyes are no eyes) that are covered in slime and wriggle their way through dirt (and sometimes things filthier than dirt) and eat corpses. This is the life-form after which Ulcerate have chosen to name their new album, Vermis — and, honestly, we can’t think of a better description of the music contained therein. This is, after all, the band whose moshpits have literally made fans puke. Not only are Ulcerate more brutal than a herd of rhinos gang-raping a poodle, but they are goddamn filthy. And we mean that as high praise.

Relapse won’t release Vermis until next Tuesday, September 17 — but you can listen to it right now, right here at MetalSucks. You’re welcome! Listen to it below, and then pre-order it here. You won’t regret it… but you may get a little dirty.

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