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Exclusive Premiere: SpiralArms, “Drugs & Alcohol”


SpiralArms - Freedom

Back in the very early days of MetalSucks we had a reader who went by the handle “Sammy.” Sammy frequented our tiny little blog every day, commented regularly before our comments sections devolved into a never-ending trollfest, and he often emailed us tips. Especially when those tips had to do with SpiralArms, a Bay Area band consisting of ex-members of Manmade God, Forbidden, Systematic, Testament and more. Sammy friggin’ LOVED SpiralArms and would email us about their every move. And who could blame the guy? SpiralArms are far from the heaviest band we cover here, but their brand of post-grunge flavored hard rock with a bluesy groove is pretty darned infectious and doesn’t suffer from any of the dumbed-down trappings that plague so much of modern hard rock radio.

Unfortunately Sammy stopped coming ’round these parts at some point, or at least had the good sense to stop commenting. But his legend lives on: today we premiere “Drugs & Alcohol” from SpiralArms’ new album Freedom, out October 8th through Steamhammer/SPV.

Sammy, if you’re out there somewhere, this one’s for you, buddy!

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