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Album of the Day: The Confession’s Requiem


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The Confession’s 2007 release, Requiem, was produced by Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M. Shadows. Which explains, at least partially, why it sounds almost exactly like Avenged Sevenfold. It also makes Requiem a fairly mind-boggling endeavor: if Avenged Sevenfold are, as some people allege, a “cover band,” then The Confession come off as a cover band of a cover band whose album was helmed by one of the guys they were covering, but not one of the guys being covered by the guys they’re covering.

Feel free to go cross-eyed at any time.

In any case, The Confession never made it as big as A7X, which probably helps explain their 2008 break-up. And, honestly, they were never as good as A7X — in my original review of RequiemI wrote that ” if Avenged Sevenfold come off like some strange GN’R-Metallica-Maiden hybrid, then The Confession are maybe best described as the love child of Maiden and Bon Jovi.” But that still makes them vastly superior to any number of other much more popular bands. Requiem is still a highly enjoyable, undeniably catchy pop metal album, and is still worthy of your attention.

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