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Lamb of God Celebrate Ten Years of Burning Palaces

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This past May marked the tenth anniversary of Lamb of God’s landmark album As the Palaces Burn, and the band has decided to celebrate with a super-duper-deluxe anniversary of the album. A statement from the band details the re-release’s special features:

“After some serious detective work tracking down the original album master tapes, the band went in with producer Josh Wilbur (who also produced Wrath and Resolution) and gave ‘Palaces a full-on, ass kicking remix and remaster. Front-to-back, top to bottom. The remixed version of Palaces is now how they had originally intended it to be. To go along with the album re-release, Lamb of God also shot a brand new DVD documentary recounting the recording process and the stories behind the music which features new interviews with original producer Devin Townsend, the band members and current producer, Josh Wilbur.

“Drummer Chris Adler comments, ‘We are lucky to have the opportunity, a decade after our first attempt, to bring what I consider to be our master work up to speed sonically. Ever since the original release we’ve been distraught about the sonic qualities of As the Palaces Burn. The band had captured lightening in a bottle and the budget limitation of a sophomore album turned our lightening into a firefly in a jar. The songs are undeniable and we’ve always been very proud of how this album launched our career. It feels appropriate to revisit now that we can and give this very special album the chance to reach our original hopes and it’s true potential.’

“Beginning today, you can pre-order the 10th Anniversary Edition of Palaces (available on both CD and VINYL) along with some previously out of print merch designs.”

I’ve never really had a problem with the “sonic qualities” of Palaces — its imperfections are part of what make it the album we know and love! — but I’ll still be curious to hear what the band considers to be an improvement. Who knows, maybe it’ll win me over?

Pre-orders, ranging in cost from fifteen-to-eighty-one bucks depending on how much additional swag you want, can now be placed here. They’re expected to start shipping in November.

[via Metal Underground]

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