Nikki Sixx: “We Never Asked Sebastian Bach to Join Mötley Crüe.” Sebastian Bach: “Liar liar pants on fire!”


Motley Bach

Was Sebastian Bach once asked to replace Vince Neil in Mötley Crüe? A disagreement between Baz and Nikki Sixx means that we may never know the answer, and this question will join “Who really killed JFK?” and “Does anyone REALLY take pleasure in the music of Bloody Panda, or are they just trying to appear to be smart?” as one of history’s great unsolved mysteries. Still, at least there’s a silver lining — namely, that Bach and Sixx are disagreeing in a very public, very entertaining manner.

So: earlier this week, a fan on Twitter asked Baz if he was ever considered to replace Vince Neil in The Crüe, to which Bach responded “Not considered. Asked.” And that would have been the end of that, but for whatever reason, Nikki Sixx felt the need to address on his radio show (audio at the bottom of the post):

“He says that Mötley Crüe wanted him to replace Vince Neil – and I’m just going to say right now: that is absolutely not true.

“At the time Vince left Motley in 1990,’89, ’90 – somewhere in there, ’91 [It was 1992. -Ed.] – he was in Skid Row and Skid Row was on top of the world. Snake [Sabo], their guitar player, was one of my very best friends. So I think I would remember that.

“I think maybe Sebastian wanted to be in Mötley Crüe and just forgot to tell us that he wanted to be in Mötley Crüe when we were looking for a singer.”

Sixx went on to claim that all the members of Mötley Crüe save for Vince Neil were sober at this point, so he’s not forgetting the offer to Baz amidst a haze of drugs and alcohol (although given that he can’t remember what year Vince Neil left the band, I think it’s safe to say that his memory, on the whole, ain’t in top-top shape). He then added that “I don’t think we would have taken him anyway, just because of our friends.”

But no one contradicts the great Sebastian Bach and gets away with it! So the forty-five-year-old gone wild posted the following rant on Facebook (giant [sic] on this whole thing):


Well, it’s not every day you wake up to one of your childhood heroes calling you a liar. Either that, or Nikki Sixx’s memory needs some serious ‘refreshing’.
What the fuck is Twitter? Twitter is the new rock magazine of the modern age. When I was a kid, we had magazines and journalists and interviews and articles and pinups and posters to follow our favourite artists. Nowadays? Twitter is actually the new rock magazine.
Last week I answered one tweet with three words. Some fan asked me if I was “ever approached to join Motley Crue”. My tweet, in response to this, was: “not approached. asked.” Literally three words.
The next day I woke up and saw that my tweet had actually become headline news on every single rock music website. Every single rock music radio station. Every single rock news outlet, radio, web, or print, was reporting “Sebastian Bach asked to join Motley Crue”. I laughed that all of these supposed “news outlets” have nothing better to do then go to my Twitter page to manufacture ‘news’ stories. None of these “news stories” had any actual quotes by me. Or anything that I actually said. Every single article just copied and pasted my tweet. It is incredible to me that my Twitter feed is a source of ‘news’ for every rock news outlet around the world.
Everybody knows that Nikki Sixx is in control of Motley Crue. When I woke up that next day and saw every headline of every news outlet “Sebastian Bach asked to join Motley Crue” “Motley Crue Sebastian Bach blah blah blah blah blah” I was laughing because this is extremely old news. I could envision Nikki Sixx seeing his band’s name ‘Motley Crue’ in every single news article and saying “hey, I am Motley Crue! What the fuck is all this?”
And now today I wake up to the headline that Nikki Sixx himself is on his radio station actually talking about my tweet. It is incredible to me that Nikki Sixx, one of my childhood heroes, would go on his radio station to talk about one single tweet that I made. I did not realize that my tweets were this newsworthy. It blows my mind that Nikki Sixx is on his radio station talking about one tweet that I made in response to a fan.
Why people are constantly fixated on what happened in 1991 is completely beyond me. But that’s just the way it is. What did they say about the 80s.? If you remembered it, you weren’t really there? A perfect example of this would be Nikki Sixx’s book “The Heroin Diaries”. In his ‘diary’, Nikki tells a story about the ‘Theater of Pain’ Tour & how I kicked in the window of the CNE Stadium door on the afternoon of the show and let all of the fans in at three in the afternoon. Being that his book is a “diary”, you would think that this would be accurate information. But in actual fact, this whole incident did not even happen on the ‘Theater of Pain’ tour. In fact, this incident occurred on the “Shout at the Devil” tour. About 3 or 4 years before “Theatre of Pain”. So does that mean Nikki Sixx’s ‘claim’ that his ‘book’ is a ‘diary’ is ‘absolutely not true’? Do I think Nikki Sixx is actually ‘lying’? Not really. I am sure that all of the heroin and partying and drinking would affect a man’s memory. The simple fact is that, I did indeed kick in the doors… on the shout at the devil tour. Not the theater of pain tour. Who even cares? What does this even matter, anyways?
Vince Neil is the singer of Motley Crue. He always has been, and he always will be. Vince Neil is the voice, frontman, & singer of Motley Crue. Now & forever.
So, Nikki Sixx is either calling me a liar, or his memory is wrong in this instance. I am willing to assume the latter.
The fact of the matter is I was not only asked to join Motley Crue….. I actually REHEARSED with the band Motley Crue. I was driven to rehearsal by Tommy Lee and I spent a full day singing the Motley Crue set with the band Motley Crue. In front of their whole road crew. I remember the songs that Nikki asked me to sing that day. I remember the whole road crews’ ecstatic reaction to us jamming together all day. And I remember Nikki’s very generous, kind offer, at the end of our rehearsal, for me to join the band Motley Crue. I remember his exact words, that he said to me in front of his whole road crew, Tommy, and Mick as well. It’s not every day that your hero asks you to join his band.
I remember everything about that day…. including what kind of sandwich Tommy Lee had for lunch. I will tell this complete story in my upcoming book. This was not just a simple offer to ‘join a band’. I rehearsed with the band. I spoke to their management on the phone days later about Nikki’s offer. It was a big deal involving record companies, management companies, and all sorts of business dealings. Maybe Nikki doesn’t remember that day. But I find it hard to believe that I would spend a day rehearsing with the band, at their official rehearsal hall, do the set with them, in front of their whole road crew, and Nikki doesn’t remember this? Oh well. I will tell the complete story of Nikki offering me to join Motley Crue in my upcoming book, which will be arriving on bookshelves soon. I am not simply ‘making this up’.
Thank you all for enjoying my Twitter page so very much. I am not a liar. I am working on my book right now and I look forward to you all reading it. I plan on my book having even more information in it than one of my tweets does.

I obviously don’t know if Bach really did or did not rehearse with and then receive an offer to join Mötley Crüe… but I do call bullshit on his whole “Oh I can’t believe my lil’ itty bitty tweet made the news!” bit. This man is a massive publicity whore. Remember, he’s the guy who once threw ice cubes at a pianist performing in a bar and asked him “Do you know who I am?” before biting a bartender during the process of being kicked out. So this whole thing basically amounts to a plug for his book.

Just sayin’.

[via Classic Rock]

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