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Exclusive Track Premiere: Toxic Holocaust’s “Out of the Fire”


This October, Toxic Holocaust return with new holocaust of toxicity to burn your flesh off and fuck you right in the crease between the two hemispheres of your brain! How metal is Chemistry of Consciousness, is their latest Relapse Records release? So metal that the only way we can think to describe it is as the aural equivalent of a cobra with a chest tattoo of a double helix and syringes for fangs getting ready to strike amidst two flesh-like walls of anxious, bloodshot eyes. In fact, that’s just the image Toxic Holocaust chose to include on the album’s cover!

Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness

The nightmarish, mind-orgasm-inducing intensity of Chemistry of Consciousness is perfectly exemplified by “Out of the Fire,” the first track from the album to be released for the public… which, oh hey, we just so happen to be debuting right here at MetalSucks! This song is 100% guaranteed to make you wanna bang your head so hard your eyes fly out and mosh ’til you puke blood.

Check out “Out of the Fire” below, then pre-order Chemistry of Consciousness here. The album drops October 29!!!

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