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This is What Russian Circles Sounds Like with Vocals

  • Axl Rosenberg

Russian Circles with Chelsea Wolfe

So this new Russian Circles song, “Memorial,” features guest vocals by “doom folk” singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe. It’s the second time the band has recorded a track with vocals, after “Praise Be Man” from 2011’s Empros, which includes singing by bassist Brian Cook:

But while “Praise Be Man” is actually one of Russian Circles’ weaker songs (in part because of the vocals, which seem somewhat out of place), “Memorial” is a total winner. Wolfe’s voice seems right at home with the music; to call the results “haunting” would be a major understatement. I’ve never thought Russian Circles needed a singer before, but if they wanted to do a whole album (or even just an EP) with Wolfe, I would not object.

“Memorial” is the title track from Russian Circles’ new album, which comes out October 29 on Sargent House.

[via Rolling Stone]

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